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AS&T’s primary methods of assuring the quality of services are: (1) appropriate advance planning; (2) assignment of qualified staff resources; (3) clear definition of employee QA responsibilities; (4) provision of appropriate tools; (5) implementation of rigorous program and project management techniques; (6) regular monitoring of QA processes by our QA board. For each contractual effort we develop detailed work plans to help assure the quality of support provided on each project. Quality is integrated into every project right from the beginning. AS&T’s quality management approach is designed to prevent, reduce, or eliminate problems that might compromise ability to perform on time, within budget, or according to the task order requirements. Specifically our approach includes:

  • Developing a Quality Management Plan for the contract;
  • Establishing and monitoring metrics for project objectives;
  • Establishing management processes that include monitoring and assessing performance;
  • Coordinating with customer stakeholders to establish quality objectives by deciding the scope and frequency of quality assessments and reporting policies;
  • Coordinating with other contractors, prime or subcontractors, regarding quality management;
  • Conducting periodic Quality Management Reviews

AS&T is well aware that measurement, quality control, and process engineering work together to achieve and sustain our customer organizational Quality Management System policies, goals and objectives for ensuring compliance with requirements.

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