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Intelligent Conflict Prediction supporting Safe and Efficient New Entrant Integration into the National Airspace System (NAS)

Data Sources

AS&T collects and an assortment of data for Air and Space Mission Planning, including but not limited to:

  • IFR Traffic Data
  • ADS-b Data
  • ASDE-X (Aircraft surface movement)
  • Flight Plans
  • Preferred and ATC Cleared Routes
  • FAA Playbooks
  • Weather
  • New NAS Entrants (Commercial space, UAVs, etc.)


Airspace Analysis

AS&T has a proprietary Airspace Analysis software suite that provides users comprehensive insight into the National Airspace System. The software has the capability to model, simulate, and visualize various airspace events or constraints and generate reports containing metrics on the predicted or historical impacts. For each scenario the software calculates metrics at both that overall NAS level and the impacts to each individual flight.

Metrics include:
  • Discrete Flight Count
  • Predicted Excess Distance in nautical Miles
  • Predicted Delay in Minutes
  • Flight cancelations
  • Controller workload
  • Excess Fuel Burn

Visualization Capabilities

Airspace Visual Display (AVID™) is a "fast-time/real-time" situation display process that shows flight progress, user-controlled geographic information, airspace structures, and other user-controlled geographic information.



Intelligent Conflict Resolution

AS&T trajectory analysis and optimization software predicts conflicted aircraft and automatically develops mitigation strategies that delivers optimized trajectories for each aircraft affected by the airspace closures. The mitigation options are optimized to ensure separation standards, performance, and equipage are considered. These options can be tailored to the preference of the user’s special consideration. Some example include:

  • Minimum Deviation
  • ATCSCC Playbook Conformance
  • Minimal Delay
  • Ground Delay
  • Miles in Trail
  • Separation Standards
  • Flight Cancelations