Systems Engineering

AS&T is a reputable name for providing Systems Engineering services in the areas of design and management of complex naval ship operations and aerospace systems. We take a full system life cycle approach using multiple engineering disciplines to deliver solutions for real problems needing to be resolved in the most cost-effective manner.

Test and Evaluation

Test & Evaluation (T&E) is at the mainstay of AS&T’s core capabilities for our DoD and FAA customers. We take a holistic approach to the testing process by which a system or components are compared against requirements and specifications. We evaluate the results to assess progress of design, performance and supportability. Our evaluation allows us to recommend mitigation strategies, and assist the customer/stakeholders in making system acceptance decisions.

Software Engineering

AS&T provides full-scale Software Engineering and Development support services utilizing Agile development methods. Our Software Engineers develop Rapid Prototypes, Provide Complete Software Lifecycle support, and deliver fully integrated solutions based on customer provided requirements.

Configuration Management

AS&T provides overall CM services for all our FAA Contracts and Navy customers. We understand the FAA Order 1800.66, which provides technical guidance on the five tenets of CM as a collective body of processes, activities, tools and methods to manage items during test schedule and its life cycle. AS&T ensures that the five tenets (CM Planning, Configuration Identification, Configuration Change Management, Configuration Status Accounting (CSA), and Configuration Verification and Auditing) defined in FAA Order 1800.66

Program Management

AS&T provides attentive and responsive program management services for all of its government support activities. At the corporate program level, our program management team is focused on motivating change across all relevant parts of the organization. At the project level, each individual initiative has its own leadership, focused on delivering a specific element of the solution. Before work starts on individual deliverables, we take into account several important components. For instance, the key components need to be defined and agreed upon: things such as the customer’s vision, objectives, scope, architecture, approach, resourcing, responsibilities and dependencies. Another major and strategic consideration we consider is the human change aspects of what’s being changed.

Facillity Management

For the last two decades, AS&T has continuously provided the FAA with a most highly qualified and experienced team of professionals committed and dedicated to providing technical support, trouble shooting and preventive/corrective maintenance on a 24/7 basis for all major systems at the WJHTC including the EnRoute, Terminal, Radar, Communications, and Data Distribution System Support Facilities.